Romanian – Italian translations

traduceri romana italiana

The dialects spoken today in Italy have evolved over the centuries and have been distinguished from standard Italian due to a number of factors such as the mobility of people across the country, the late introduction of television and radio (only in the 20th century), geopolitical aspects and the desire of many to preserve local tradition and preserve their independence.

Some of the major dialects are: Abruzzese, central Marchigiano, Laziale, Pugliese, Toscana, Umbrian and Venetian. For example, Standard Italian evolved from medieval Tuscan.

Dialects are distinguished from each other because they have strong characteristics; Napoletano is perhaps the most popular due to the fact that it occurs in songs. For example, a distinctive feature of this dialect is that the article is reduced to a single vowel: O sole mio and not Il sole mio.

Furthermore, in Romanesco, the letter r often replaces l and therefore, a speaker of this dialect will pronounce una volta as una vorta (once, feminine noun, in English translates as once, adv.)

At the present time, Italian children learn the standard language at school compulsorily, but they get to know the dialect that is spoken in informal environments (at home, in the neighborhood, at playgrounds, etc.).

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