Terms and conditions of use

By using our services, you agree to the present “Terms and Conditions” which define the general framework for carrying out commercial relations between:

Service provider: Miradel Valley SRL, headquartered in the county of Timiș, locality Șag, Street V, No. 1A, Romania, official website www.valley-center.ro

Project site: Timișoara, 19 Arieș street, room 002, county of Timiș, Romania

Project site: Reșita, 2 Petru Maior street, block 800, third floor, room 333, county of Timiș, Romania

Unique Registration Code: 30068539

Registration number with the Trade Registry Office: J35/911/2012

Telephone: +40 722207524


The customer: any natural person, legal entity or entity with/without legal personality, who purchased at least one service of Miradel Valley SRL.

The use of the website www.valley-center.ro (access, request for offer, processing of personal data, etc.) implies the guarantee on the part of the Client that he has reached the age of 18, so that he benefits from the legal rights to validate a translation order or language courses and that he agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in the content. Thus, the Customer benefits from all contractual rights and obligations, resulting from the legal report generated by the launch of the order, respectively its confirmation.

1. Terms and definitions

In commercial relations, the following terms will be interpreted as it follows:

Translation – transposing a text from the source language into the target language.

Certified translation – the translation carried out, signed and stamped by a certified translator by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

Specialized translation – translation performed by a linguistic specialist, an expert in the field of translation, who does not bear the stamp and signature of a translator certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice

Legalized translation – a certified translation to which it is added the authentication of the translator’s signature by a notary public.

Mistake – translation from the source language into the target language in a grammatically or semantically inappropriate form, with the consequence of damaging the original meaning.

Source language – the language from which the translation is made.

Target language – the language in which the translation is made.

Standard page – 1800 characters with spaces in the source language (can be calculated using the Word Count option in Microsoft Word/Tools).

Source text – the text sent by the Client for translation.

Price quote – an estimate regarding the cost and duration of translation execution, for informational purposes, made on the source document and sent to the Client by a Miradel Valley SRL Project Manager.

Urgent fee – The term “urgent” means the completion and delivery of a translation within 3 – 24 hours of receipt of the source document and confirmation of the order. Miradel Valley SRL makes urgent translations within the limits of its execution capacity. In this case, an emergency fee of 50% will be applied in addition to the cost of the order.

2. Service request

The request is the communication through which the Client sends MIRADEL VALLEY SRL the services he wants provided, consisting of: translation of the documents mentioned in the order, foreign language courses for legal entities or individuals, interpretation services, other linguistic services.

The request can be made on www.valley-center.ro by filling out the standard forms, in person at the Miradel Valley SRL project sites, by phone, by email, etc.

In the request, the Client mentions in detail the desired conditions for the provision of the services (e.g. for translations: source language-target language, delivery deadline, normal/emergency regime, how to pick up translations, delivery format of translations, for courses: foreign language, level of language, mode of teaching, number of teaching hours, timetable, etc.). The client attaches the source documents to the request. The customer provides his identification data (name, surname, telephone, email, address, company name, company headquarters, URC, order number at the Trade Register, bank account, bank, contact details, representative, etc.). The customer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided.

Miradel Valley SRL reserves the right to unilaterally and with good reason refuse the honoring of certain requests if it considers, based on real and objective circumstances, that: the provision of the ordered services violates the rules in force, the provision of the services is not timely (for example, the order is made by a person who previously ordered products but either did not honor their payment, or honored it late, or honored it partially, in a totally unjustified way, etc.), or if by establishing the commercial relationship it would cause damage, regardless of its nature. In any of these cases, the Service Provider is not responsible for not honoring the requests and the Customer / user will not be charged any cost.

3. Registered order

Registered order – is a request accepted and confirmed both by Miradel Valley SRL and by the customer and which involves the provision of the requested service and its payment. The order contains the following mandatory details: identification data of the applicant, natural person or legal entity, date of receipt of documents, date of delivery of translations, transfer languages, method of receiving/handover of documents, price, method of payment. The order contains the source documents. All orders are registered by Miradel Valley SRL in the Single Order Register

4. The price

Prices are displayed on the website in the Prices section and in all Miradel Valley SRL work points. Prices do not include VAT, Miradel Valley is VAT exempted.

The price of a service is calculated by a representative of Miradel Valley at each request starting from the unit prices and taking into account the specific requirements of each client. A request does not come into effect before the Client accepts the price offered. For online requests through the www.valley-center.ro forms, online payment by the customer of the offered price represents acceptance of the price.

5. The promotions present online are valid within the limit of availability and during the indicated period, under the conditions shown. Promotions are not cumulative with each other and cannot be retroactively applied to orders already placed and/or processed.

6. Payment methods

a. Cash payment at the Miradel Valley SRL offices.

b. Card payment through EuPlatesc in the case of online translations (respectively courses) requested through the forms on www.valley-center.ro, based on the price offer received by Miradel Valley SRL.

c. payment with PO for invoices issued by Miradel Valley SRL

Making the payment by the Customer represents the acceptance regarding the conformity of the delivered services.

Payments can be made in Ron or Euro.

7. Rights and Obligations of the Service Provider

7.1 Translations

Miradel Valley SRL verifies the document presented and immediately notifies the Client if it finds any illegible parts or notices any other formal or technical defect. The provider will request the customer’s cooperation in correcting any initial defects in the source text.

The provider has the right to refuse the translation if the document is illegible or contains deletions, corrections, crossed out words, additions or other particularities regarding essential elements of the document (lack of signatures, stamps, date, etc.), if these are not confirmed by signature and the seal of the body that drew up the document or, as the case may be, by the signature of the parties.

Miradel Valley undertakes to deliver the translations by the mutually agreed term (handover date).

Miradel Valley undertakes to use all efforts and ability to perform the translations in a quality, error-free manner within the agreed terms.

Delivery of translations by MIRADEL VALLEY SRL can be done in electronic format, in physical format at the Valley Center offices or sent to the customer by Post or Courier. The delivery method of the translations as well as the format (pdf, word, paper, electronic, etc.) must be determined when registering an order.

Miradel Valley may charge an additional fee if the Customer changes the source text after order confirmation.

The minimum office fee for translation and editing services is 1 page per language combination. The minimum course fee is 20 hours. The minimum fee for interpreting is 1 hour.

Miradel Valley SRL reserves the right to refuse an order in the situation in which the respective translation would violate legal provisions, the rules of professional and moral conduct, or if the level of difficulty, specialization or the amount of material exceeds its competence or capacity .

Disclaimer: The Miradel Valley SRL company receives the source documents from the Client and is not responsible for the content of the source documents, their legality, the Client’s confidentiality rights over the source documents, the Client’s ownership rights over the source documents. It is also not responsible for the way the translations are used by the Client or any consequences resulting from the use of the translations by the Client or other Parties.

7.2 Interpreting

The interpretation service is provided upon request. The interpretation order must contain the essential elements for the provision of the service: the interpretation language, the date and the time interval for which the interpretation service is requested, the area of discussion, the details related to the event for which this service is requested, whether or not specific equipment is needed for interpretation.

7.3 Foreign language courses and the Romanian language

Miradel Valley SRL organizes foreign language or Romanian language courses for foreigners, with the following specifications:

Courses can be taught in the classroom at Valley Center locations, online or at customer premises.

The courses are organized in study levels according to the European reference framework for languages, in 6 levels (A1, A2, B1 B2, C1, C2). An average of 100 hours/level is taught, with particularities for each language. Each level is subdivided into study modules (eg A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, etc.)

The courses are taught to groups of people or individually (one-to-one)

Periodically MIRADEL VALLEY SRL announces registrations or the organization of courses. These announcements contain the elements of the respective course: foreign language, level, module, number of hours, timetable, course start date, teaching period, teaching method, price/hour or price/course. Enrolling in a course involves signing a course contract and paying part or all of the course in advance.

8. Customer Rights and Obligations

8.1 Translation services

The customer undertakes to make available to Miradel Valley SRL the documents and/or materials for the purpose of their translation. The client submits the material for translation by e-mail, or other online versions, printed version, electronic support (usb key, cd, …) courier or in person.

All changes and additions to the source material must be sent to MIRADEL VALLEY SRL, indicating how these changes or additions relate to the submitted source material, before an order is processed. If the changes or additions to the source material are significant, a new order will be drawn up.

For orders registered through www.valley-center.ro, the Customer will receive by email a price offer and a card payment link through the EuPlatesc payment processor or a proforma invoice containing a card payment link through the EuPlatesc payment processor. The payment made by the Customer for the offer received by email represents the acceptance of the offer by the Customer and leads to the registration of a new order and the provision of the service.

Unless otherwise specified, all invoices issued by Miradel Valley upon delivery of translations to the Client must be paid within 5 days of issuance. If an advance invoice is issued, it will be paid on the date of the firm order and the difference between the final invoice will be paid within 5 days of issuance. The customer will pay penalties of 0.5% per day of delay of the value of services not paid on time. Penalties may exceed the value of unpaid services.

If the Client notices mistakes in the translation, he has the right to request the correction of the mistakes and the redo of the translation, without any other cost. MIRADEL VALLEY SRL must correct the translation and hand it over to the client within 48 hours of the request.

The client can request the correction, in case of errors, within 14 days of receiving the translation. The request for proofreading that is made after the 14-day period or after the client accepts the translation as correct will not be considered. The customer must make the correction request in writing by e-mail, and add to this email the source text, the text translated by Miradel Valley and the correction request letter that specifically highlights the translation mistake.

The mistake is the translation from the source language into the target language in a grammatically or semantically inappropriate form, with the consequence of damaging the original meaning. Miradel Valley SRL has the right to analyze the client’s correction request, through another authorized translator, and if, after the analysis, it is found that there are no mistakes according to the definition, it will not comply with the client’s correction request. In the case of large translations (more than 10 pages), the correction of the entire document is not assumed, but only of the pages of the translation that contain the mistake, as highlighted in the written request by the Client.

8.2 Interpretation services

The customer receives the individualized price offer for each request. Since this service requires the appointment of authorized interpreters, interpretation services are paid 70% in advance and 30% on the date of service.

8.3 Foreign language and Romanian language courses

The details of each course: the foreign language taught, the level, the module, the number of hours, the method of teaching, the place of teaching, group course/individual course, etc. are presented to customers on www.valley-center.ro or at the Valley Center offices. The customer can register for a course and will receive the course contract and payment invoice. The course contract contains all the details and must be signed by both parties to take effect.

9. Your data

See Privacy Policy.

10. Warranty, complaints

All products sold on the site benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with current legislation and commercial policies. You can contact us for any information or complaint through the form on the website or directly by email to: traduceri@valley-center.ro within 14 days of receiving the service.

11. The content. Copyright

The pictures and descriptions of the services on the website are for example purposes, but some discrepancies may occur.

The entire content of the website www.valley-center.ro (texts, images, video, code, etc.) are the property of SC MIRADEL VALLEY SRL and are protected by the Copyright Law and other laws regarding intellectual property rights. Attempts to take them over, by any means, are illegal and, to the extent that they are reported, they will be referred to Romanian justice.

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