The process of carrying out translation operations at Valley Center Timișoara and Reșita

The request: Valley Center receives requests from customers, usually through the form on, e-mail, phone, whatsapp or directly in our offices in Timișoara and Reșita.

Document submission: The client submits the source documents to our office

Document evaluation: the received documents are evaluated and an offer is made

Offer: the client is offered the optimal price and time for the translation

Order registration: the translation order and all project details are registered in the Order Ledger

Planning: The project manager takes care of proper planning and formulates a time period for each stage of the project. At this stage, the team of specialized translators, proofreaders and QA of the project is formed.

Translation: the source document is translated by a translator specialized in the requested field.

Proofreading: the translation is edited and corrected for grammatical and syntactic accuracy, style correspondence and possible omissions. Proofreaders are linguistic professionals, native speakers of the target language, with extensive experience in the translated subjects.

Graphic Processing (DTP): The translated document is formatted by DTP specialists to match the page layout of the original document.

Internal Quality Assurance (QA): The translation is checked by QA specialists

Final Check: Translations are checked by the project manager to ensure that they will be delivered to the client in a timely manner and in the correct format.

Legalization: if the client wants the translation legalized, the office mediates this service

Delivery to the client: translations are delivered according to the client’s wishes