Medical translations


The Valley Center team has over 10 years of experience in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translations for the following fields:

Medical equipment

Manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment need to expand their sales markets and in this context the translation of documents such as: technical data sheets, work demonstrations,

FDA Submission Forms, in vitro packaging of devices (EU Directive on IVDD)

independent medical examinations (IMEs), informed consent forms, instructions for use (IFU), manufacturing process description, marketing collateral, medical journal articles, medical device labels, patents, regulatory documents, research papers, software interfaces, standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Clinical research

Clinical research is a vital industry responsible for testing the pharmaceuticals and medicines that many of us rely on. We can translate for you questionnaires, regulatory or approval documents, financial agreements and legal contracts, signed protocols and amendments, sample case report form (CRF), review papers, scientific journals, recruitment advertising, agreement documents , clinical trial protocols (CTP), patient information leaflets (PIL), instructions for use (IFU), patient reported outcomes (PRO), investigational medicinal product dossiers (IMPD), Monitoring reports, Clinical outcome assessments (COAs), Suspected Serious Unexpected Adverse Reactions (SUSARs), Developmental Safety Update Reports (DSURs), Patient Logs/Forms/Materials, etc.

The pharmaceutical industry We perform professional document translations for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, patients and regulatory authorities. We translate documents of the following types: pharmaceutical packaging, clinical trial guidelines, pharmaceutical proposals, pharmaceutical consent forms, pharmaceutical applications, medicine packaging and Inserts, clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, pharmaceutical patient information leaflets (PIL), pharmaceutical summary of product characteristics (CPS), pharmaceutical and medical patents, pharmaceutical research documents, packaging and labeling, marketing authorization applications, pharmacology studies.