Privacy policy

This document contains the information about the personal data collected by MIRADEL VALLEY SRL (referred to as MIRADEL VALLEY), acting in the capacity of Controller of the personal data that you (as the Data Subject) provide to us, for the e-commerce activity through the website

MIRADEL VALLEY collects, operates and stores personal data through in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation (EU) 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The contact details of the MIRADEL VALLEY SRL data protection officer are: e-mail:, telephone : +40 722207524

1. What information we collect

Your personal which that can be collected by the website are:

Contact and Request for quotation: If you use our contact form, your name, e-mail address, telephone, your message and all the data from the files sent by you are collected.

Course registration: If you use our course registration form, your name, e-mail address, phone number, your message are collected.

Cookies: Cookies are temporary mini-files generated on your computer by the browser you use when you access a website. uses analytical cookies to monitor traffic on our website. To disable them, use the instructions below.

2. Why do we need this data?

We need this data to provide you with the following services:

  • The name, in the case of natural and legal persons, to be able to assign the request to the owner.
  • Phone number to confirm the translation or course order with you before processing.
  • Phone number and email address to keep you updated on the status of your order.
  • collects demographic information, such as: your postal code, age, gender, interests, in order to personalize the messages sent to you and to increase the relevance of commercial messages according to demographic criteria and preferences.
  • also receives and records on its servers information about your IP address, in order to increase data security and avoid cases of malicious access to the site
  • Direct information about the pages visited and the actions taken on, through information from the browser session or cookies, including information such as:
  • the source page from which the visit originates
  • IP address of the visitor
  • various actions taken on the page
  • information provided through the contact form
  • search terms used in the search engine.

Subsequently, after your contact with MIRADEL VALLEY through the contact form or direct e-mail, the data collected are:

  • For invoicing natural persons: surname and first name, address, telephone, email
  • For invoicing legal entities: surname and first name of the applicant, company name, registered office address, URC, Trade Register Registration no., telephone, email

3. What do we do with this information?

Your data is collected by MIRADEL VALLEY SRL with the headquarters in the county of Timiș, locality Șag , Street V, No. 1A, represented by Valeria Mureșan, Administrator. The information is used to perform the requested services.

3.1 Privacy processes  

We recognize our ethical and professional responsibility towards our clients. As with established rules of professional responsibility, our minimum standards for professional conduct and confidentiality are clearly defined and well observed. They are continuously reviewed and updated by our team.

3.2 Electronic transfer of documents, materials and information

MIRADEL VALLEY SRL uses secure web servers. We do not use shared servers, our technical systems are constantly updated to ensure absolute protection. All data and information submitted by our clients or potential clients for translation are always considered confidential and treated as such, regardless of the method of transmission. All customer information remains their intellectual property and will be treated as strictly confidential by our entire team of professionals.

Currently, we store and process your personal data on the territory of Romania. However, we may transfer some of your personal data to providers located in the European Union.

As the case may be, your personal data may be shared with certain agreed providers (services used by to handle translation orders and courses, financial management or IT services and online marketing).

3.3 Information security

The basic principle of integrity is, in essence, protecting the completeness of the information as well as the methods by which it is processed. The data and materials made available to MIRADEL VALLEY are administered under maximum security conditions, only for the specified purpose, according to the Law no. 677/2001.

MIRADEL VALLEY is committed to protecting and respecting any confidential data you provide for translation services. We guarantee the security of any information and any materials received and processed. We also guarantee the confidentiality of the materials through the translation service contract concluded with you.

All documents handed over for translation are forwarded only to translators approved by MIRADEL VALLEY, with whom there are also concluded service contracts and confidentiality agreements, to protect any circulated data. All data storage devices are protected against fraud and intrusions by the means of specialized software programs.

3.4 Collaboration with the authorities

We may transfer personal information to authorities or public institutions according to legal provisions or in good faith if:

(a) is provided for in a legal provision;

(b) protect the rights of MIRADEL VALLEY;

(c) prevents a crime or protects national security;

(d) protect individual safety or public safety;

(e) this information is necessary in order to resolve various situations.

– if your activities contravene the terms and conditions established by;

– if merges or is acquired in whole or in part by another company, and the database is transferred to the new operator.

– in case becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, through the liquidator, the administrator or the buyer, the database can be sold, authorized, traded only with the consent of the court. If the situations mentioned above occur, you will be notified by e-mail or by an announcement posted on the website

4. How long we keep them

All your personal data is stored for 3 years, except in cases where:

  • You are exercising one of the rights provided by law;
  • A longer period of time in this sense is allowed by the legislation in force.

Upon the expiration of the term described above, all personal data will be irreversibly destroyed (except for those required for various fiscal or other legal obligations), and non-personal information that can no longer be used to identify the participant will only be used as statistical data, usable in aggregate for strategy purposes.

5. What are your rights?

If at any time the participant considers that any personal data that MIRADEL VALLEY SRL holds through is incorrect or incomplete, he has the possibility to ask to see this information, to correct it or to have it deleted. For this, please contact us by email at

If you want to make a complaint about the way your personal data was administered, please contact us by email at

A responsible person will investigate the complaint and contact you within a maximum of 1 month to resolve the reported problem. If your reported case is particularly complicated or if you have made several requests, we will let you know if we need more than a month, but you will receive a final response within two months at most.

If you still consider that your personal data has not been managed correctly according to the regulations, you can contact the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data and make a complaint to it 

6. Disabling Cookies using your browser settings.

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Google Chrome

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Confirm with OK and return to your navigation.


Click on Tools, Options, in the displayed window select Privacy and click on remove individual cookies. Identify the files that contain “”. Select them and then delete them.


Select Preferences, Privacy, Details from the menu.

Identify the files that contain “”. Select them and then delete them. After deleting cookies, click Finished.

Internet Explorer

Go to the Tools, Internet Options button.

Under the General tab, under Browsing history, choose Settings.

Click View files. Click the Name column to sort all the files alphabetically. Scroll through the list until you see files that begin with the Cookie prefix. Identify the files that contain “”. Select them and then delete them.