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Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

We all know about this phrase chanted during the French revolution, but few of us have thought about how to translate the words. A number of translators have analyzed how the English word free is found in French. Easy! ‘Free’, with the meaning of free, gratuitous, independent, sovereign, autonomous, unhindered etc., is most often translated as ‘free’. But ‘free’ is also a verb, an adverb, part of a compound noun and of expressions. In this case, we need to learn more French because:

free from, free of = dégagé de, non touché păr, non soumis à, sans

Examples: free from obligation = dégagé de toute obligation

                free of malaria = non touché par la malaria

                free from copyright = non soumis au droit d’auteur

free as an adverb

= without payment = gratuitement, gratis

Example: to enter free of charge = entrer gratuitement

 = without restraint = en liberté

Example: to leave someone free/at large = laisser quelqu’un en liberté

free in compound nouns and expressions

Examples: free market, free-market economy = une économie de marché

free period = une heure (de) libre, une heure sans cours

free and easy = décontracté, désinvolte

And so on. From the examples above it can be seen that the work of a translator is much more than using a few dictionaries; it is the knowledge of the deep aspects of the language and the ability to effectively and accurately “synchronize” two or more languages.

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