Economic translations


Specific business vocabulary and deep knowledge are indispensable when it comes to translating business or annual reports, tender documents, insurance policies, company presentations and other business texts. Our translators are specialized in the fields of economics and finance and are exclusively assigned to translations to/from their mother tongue. This way we ensure that your documents are at the highest possible language level.

The translation of economic texts carries a great responsibility for translators, it requires complete dedication to the task and a high level of concentration and accuracy. As translations are highly specialized, even the smallest error, whether in typing or translation, can cause adverse effects, so knowledge of economic terms is essential. The translation of economic texts includes documents such as: business plans, insurance company documents, project financing contracts, auditor’s reports, financial statements, etc.

At the Valley Center translation offices, we can translate for you economic documents of the following type:

  • documents of commercial companies (certificates of registration, articles of incorporation, additional documents, tax records, sales and purchase, lease, association agreements)
  • credit conditions
  • bank account statements
  • insurance documents
  • bank transfer orders
  • bank audit reports
  • tender participation files
  • financing files, leasing
  • certificates/income statements
  • balance sheets, balance of payments
  • audit reports
  • import/export invoices
  • certificates of origin of the goods
  • confirmation of company details