Romanian language courses for foreigners

Learn Romanian at Valley Center from native speakers in Romania

The Romanian language is an Indo-European language from the Italic group and from the Oriental subgroup of the Romance languages. Among the Romance languages, Romanian is the fifth in terms of the number of speakers, after Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. The Romanian language is spoken worldwide by 28 million people, of whom about 24 million have it as their mother tongue, of the total number of speakers, over 17 million are in Romania, where Romanian (the Daco-Romanian dialect) is the official language.

We teach Romanian according to the following level system, according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Level A1 startersNivel A2 elementaryNivel B1 pre-intermediateNivel B2 intermediate
100 hours100 hours100 hours  100 hours

Valley Center has 10 years of experience in teaching Romanian language courses for foreigners, in the classroom, online or at company headquarters.

You can choose to take an individual course or a group course with people at the same language level. The courses are structured in modules of 20 hours each (10 sessions), the individual ones can start at any time and the group ones are organized periodically throughout the year.

You can register for courses on our COURSE ENROLMENT page where you can find the necessary details related to the level, mode of teaching, timetable and price.