German Language Courses

Valley Center offers German language courses organized by levels and study modules, from beginners to advanced, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Courses can be organized online or in the classroom, with individual teaching or in groups.

We have over 10 years of experience in teaching German and hundreds of students, both individuals and company employees.

Level A1 beginnerLevel A2 elementaryLevel B1 lower intermediateLevel B2 upper intermediateLevel C1 advancedLevel C2 fluency
100 hours100 hours100 hours100 hours120 hours120 hours  

Please refer to the COURSE REGISTRATIONS section for the current details of the organized courses.

Here are some interesting facts about the German language:

  • the German language belongs to the western group of Germanic languages
  • it is spoken by about 185 million people in Europe
  • German is the third most studied foreign language in the world (after English and French)

the German language had many dialects because there were many small states in the territory of today’s Germany and no force acting to standardize the German language. The most important event that led to the standardization of the German language was the translation of the Bible by Martin Luther (the New Testament in 1521 and the Old Testament in 1534) and which is based on the language spoken by the people as well as the one used in the Habsburg Chancelleries