Romanian-English translations

At Valley Center translation offices, we have over 10 years of experience in translating standardized or complex documents into/from English.

We offer you:

certified or legalized translations into/from English for standardized documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, records, etc.

certified translations for medical documents

specialized translations for companies in the technical, economic, legal, financial, IT field

For details or price quote for translations into/from English, please fill in the attached form and attach the documents.

Difficulties in translations into or from English

Although English is generally considered an easy language to learn and speak, many of its characteristics are difficult to translate into other languages.

Such an example are the verb-adverb combinations, called phrasal verbs in English (examples: turn off/on, mark up/down, come in, etc.). The rest of the languages use one word – the verb – to describe an action.

Another obstacle is articles; for example, Slavic languages have no article at all, which makes a translation from, say, English to Slovenian, a bit tricky.

Ultimately, each language describes the surrounding world in its own unique way, and therefore there are cases where the translator has to make a “trick” to express a reality in two or more languages. For example, in Welsh or Japanese there is no separate word for the color blue and green, respectively. Moreover, in the popular Japanese cartoons, anime, water appears very often as colored green and not blue. Under these conditions, the translator must have knowledge of the aspects of language and culture, which is much more difficult to do than it seems.