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Foreign language courses for companies

Valley Center, Foreign Language and Translation Center, is the best choice if you want language courses for your employees. We …

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Our projects

Some of our most important projects implemented for our customers by our team of linguistic experts. → More about our projects

Project T003/06.01.2023 –German language courses

Client: DM Drogerie Markt Service provided: German language courses Foreign languages: German Domain: German language course, general vocabulary and business …

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Project T003/06.01.2023 –German language courses


Project T107/30.01.2023 – translation of diplomas

Client: natural person Mirela S. Service provided: authorized translation for personal documents. Foreign languages: Romanian – German Domain of activity: …

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Project T107/30.01.2023 – translation of diplomas


Project T137/06.02.2023 – OSH manual translation

Client: RA-OL SRL Service provided: specialized translation Foreign languages: Romanian – English Domain: OSH training manual Volume: 120 pages Duration: …

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Project T137/06.02.2023 – OSH manual translation


Project T198/23.02.2023 – Translation of PhD thesis in medicine

Client: natural person T.M. Service provided: certified medical translation Foreign languages: Romanian – English Field: PhD thesis in medicine Volume: …

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Project T198/23.02.2023 – Translation of PhD thesis in medicine

Romanian-English translations

At Valley Center translation offices, we have over 10 years of experience in translating standardized or complex documents into/from English. …

traduceri limba germana

Romanian-German translations

Translating “YOU” into German – a challenge! Probably the biggest language barrier is the translation of the pronoun you (in …

traduceri limba franceza

Romanian-French translations

Liberté, égalité, fraternité! We all know about this phrase chanted during the French revolution, but few of us have thought …

traduceri romana italiana

Romanian – Italian translations

The dialects spoken today in Italy have evolved over the centuries and have been distinguished from standard Italian due to a number of factors such as the mobility of people across the country,

traduceri limba spaniola

Romanian – Spanish translations

“No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy,” says a Spanish proverb. It will be translated into Romanian as follows: Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.

traduceri limba maghiara

Romanian – Hungarian translations

The Valley Center offices are located in the western part of Romania, close to the border with Hungary, and thus Hungarian is one of the main languages we translate into, in combination with Romanian.

traduceri limba rusa

Romanian – Russian translations

The Russian language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, spoken mainly in Russia and neighboring countries. It has a total of more than 300 million speakers around the globe

traduceri in / din limba romana

Romanian translations

About the Romanian language The Romanian language is an Indo-European language, from the Italic group and from the Oriental subgroup …

Clienții noștri


Head of the purchase sales office, Camelia Jicu-Cioran

The local heating company COLTERM SA is the concessionaire of the public heat energy supply service, in a centralized system, in the municipality of Timișoara.

In 2022, we collaborated with Miradel Valley SRL for the translation into German of the documentation required for the purchase of the NOxAMID 45 product, which is a 45% urea solution and an additional additive, necessary for the operation of the flue gas deoxidation facility.

The services offered were of very good quality and the collaboration with the company’s representatives took place in optimal conditions (the translation of the documentation was done in accordance with the offer received, and the deadline of 7 calendar days was respected exactly.

We mention that we are very satisfied with the collaboration with Miradel Valley SRL and we recommend the company’s services as being of very good quality.

Chief Executive Officer, Petre-Florinel Nenu

Norgia Widman, Environmental Health and Safety Responsible, Elma Electronic Romania, SRL

4 years ago we were looking for a collaboration to translate technical documents for production support purposes. Valley-Center immediately met our needs and has since responded promptly and professionally to all requests. The excellent quality of the translations, but also the speed with which they provide us with these documents, often earlier than the agreed deadline, can only bring them appreciation and trust from our side. Thank you very much!

Norgia Widman, Environmental Health and Safety Responsible, Elma Electronic Romania SRL