We offer simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services for your events.

Interpreting – the fidelity and correctness of the speech, a service performed by professionals

Interpreting is the oral rendering of speech from a source language into a target language. The interpreter has the ability to faithfully and correctly reproduce the speakers’ speeches in and from a foreign language into Romanian, preserving the tone and level of the source language, without adding or omitting anything from the source speech.

By default, interpretation is of two types: consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation

It is more frequent and represents the rendering of speech in the target language after accumulating a volume of information; the speaker pauses, during which the interpreter renders the speech in the target language. Often the interpreter takes notes; in particular, they write down their own numbers or names, which will help them when interpreting. Examples of situations where you need consecutive interpretation:

In the case of foreign citizens who give different statements before the notary;

For the civil wedding, if one of the spouses is not a native speaker of the Romanian language;

For meetings or business visits and business meetings;

Negotiations and auctions;

Press conferences;

During seminars or meetings, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation

In this case, rendering the speech in the target language is done without waiting for the speaker to finish the speech in the source language. Interpretation is done at the same time as the utterance of the source speech. The interpreter rarely takes notes, given the rapid succession of work steps: the interpreter listens, passes the speech through the filter of the language, and then speaks it. In order to carry out the simultaneous interpretation sessions in good conditions, at least a team of two or more interpreters and minimum technical equipment is needed: sound booth, headphones, microphone, and workstation with one channel (or more channels in the case in which there are several working languages).

Exemple de situații în care aveți nevoie de interpretare simultană:



International conferences

Other types of interpreting:

chuchotage / whispering

By phone

Video conferencing

Court interpretation

Court interpretation is also known as legal interpreting or judicial interpreting, regardless of whether it takes place in a courtroom, tribunal or conference.

When is court interpretation or legal interpretation used?

Court interpretation is necessary for any legal proceedings where an important participant in the proceedings, such as a defendant or witness, does not speak the local language and therefore cannot adequately follow such proceedings. Sometimes more than one language pair is needed. Court interpreters have a considerable responsibility because any kind of mistake could undermine the case at hand.

They also face more difficult working conditions than other interpreters, as the courtroom lacks certain necessary facilities, such as interpreters’ booths. Their work consists of interpreting for speakers who are often shy or unaccustomed to public speaking, which entails a higher degree of challenge and a higher level of concentration.

The interpretation service requires an increased effort on the part of the interpreter, which is why the maximum recommended duration of interpretation per day is 6 hours. In addition, it is recommended to make available to the interpreters information materials, presentations, brochures or any other documents on the basis of which your event will take place. Regardless of your situation, do not hesitate to contact us ahead of time to discuss your interpreting needs and find the optimal solution together. VALLEY CENTER believes in close collaborations to ensure the best results!