Medical documents translations


A doctor verifies all the medical translations!

Medical translations occupy an important place in the activity of the Valley Center offices, representing approximately 20% of the total of translations.

The best translators, experienced in medical terminology, are chosen to carry out your translations!

The verification system of medical translations is a complex one that requires all translations to be double-checked both by the proofreader and by a consultant with advanced knowledge of the translation languages. This way we ensure that there are no mistakes, discrepancies or errors of interpretation.

Medical translations must be precise, correct because all these translations have a direct connection with human health and life.

Many times the documents which need to be translated are handwritten and here again the consultant intervenes to decipher abbreviations, diagnoses, treatments and recommendations.

Below are the types of documents currently translated daily for patients at Valley Center :

  • medical referral letters
  • laboratory tests
  • CT, MRI tests
  • admission sheets
  • discharge summary
  • medical referral letter
  • medical certificates
  • informed consent forms
  • vaccination certificates
  • medical files for treatment abroad
  • medical files for treatment in Romania
  • invoices, receipts for medical services
  • ultrasound, ECG, tomography
  • surgical operation description
  • psychiatry, psychology sheet
  • dental treatments
  • pension files
  • disability files

We have developed for you a simple way of online transmission of medical documents to be translated. Fill in the form with all the requested data, attach the documents and in 30 minutes you will have our offer by e-mail, along with the online payment method, directly from the invoice.