• Certified translation (translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice, proofreading, document editing, stamp / signature of the translator, project manager, with or without legalization)
  • Specialized translation (native specialized translator, MTPE artificial intelligence, proofreading, post-editing, any format processing, file management, project management)
Translation in/from RomanianCertified translation Ron/pageSpecialized translation Ron/250 words
Romanian – English4035
Romanian – French4540
Romanian – German, Italian5045
Romanian – Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish6560
Romanian – Croatian, Bulgarian8075
Romanian – Greek, Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Russian10090
Romanian – Turkish, Slovene, Polish, Ukrainian, Arabic120100
Romanian – Danish150130
Urgent translation (delivery in 3 – 24 hours)+ 50 % +50%
Foreign Languages Translation Services
French – English0.10 Euro/word
German – English0.12 Euro/word
Hungarian – English0.12 Euro/word
Italian – English0.12 Euro/word
Spanish – English0.13 Euro/word
Language courses
Romanian language, German language, online course, one-to-one100 Ron/hour
English language, French language, online course, one-to-one90 Ron/hour
Language testing and certification300 Ron
Interpreting servicesfrom 300 Ron/hour

Note: Prices include VAT

Standard delivery: 48 hours after order confirmation

Prices are indicative and do not represent a contractual obligation, all requests will receive the individual price offer.

The standard page is the page in Word format that contains 250 words or 1800 characters with spaces.

Minimum price: 1 page translations, 1 hour interpreting, 10 sessions (20 hours) courses.

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