Foreign language courses for companies


Valley Center, Foreign Language and Translation Center, is the best choice if you want language courses for your employees. We have a vast experience accumulated in 10 years of teaching with over 30000 hours taught, over 50 large corporate clients and qualified and experienced teachers.

Organization of foreign language courses

  • the courses can be taught online or in the classroom, at your premises, anywhere in Romania
  • teaching is done according to recognized international textbooks in the study of foreign languages
  • the courses are organized by study levels, according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages, in 6 levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Valley Center teaches 100 hours/level, with particularities for each foreign language
  • the standard program is 1 session/week and the intensive program is 2-3 sessions/week
  • courses can be taught in groups or individually
  • initial testing of all learners is included in the price.

Types of language courses we teach

‣ General foreign language courses

Includes grammar, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and especially verbal communication. We teach according to international textbooks, 100 hours/level, at your premises. Groups of 2-10 people are formed.

‣ Foreign language courses for business

Are conducted on the basis of an appropriate textbook, assume an initial intermediate level of students, expand specialized business vocabulary, improve writing, reading, listening and conversation skills in a business environment.

Individual courses, one-to-one

Refer to foreign language courses, general training, business, grammar, in an individual system at your premises or online, according to a flexible schedule. These courses are suitable for managers who have a busy schedule and want to learn business conversation skills in a foreign language.

Specialized courses in fields, in a foreign language

These courses involve the introduction of specific vocabulary from various work areas, depending on the activity of your company. Some areas of activity of the partner companies with which we have collaborated are production, electrical installations, management, finance, construction, dentistry

‣ Romanian language courses for foreigners

These courses can be held individually or in small groups, online or in a classroom at your premises.

We take pride in our language teaching business and please see our Clients page to see the courses we teach. You can contact us at 0722207524 or at for any question regarding the courses taught by Valley Center.