Car documents

traducere acte auto

The translations of car documents are required in the authorized version in order to present them to NAFA, only with the translator’s stamp and signature applied to the translation. You do not need legalization of the translations.

Depending on the country where the vehicle was purchased, certified translations are required for the following car documents:

  • German vehicle documents (Teil II, invoice or contract)
  • Austria car documents (Teil I, invoice or contract)
  • Dutch car documents (Car book, invoice or contract)
  • Belgium car documents (Registration certificate I and II, invoice or contract)
  • Italian car documents (Car book, invoice or contract)
  • French car documents (Car book, invoice or contract)
  • Spain car documents (Car book, registration certificate, invoice/contract)

We have developed for you a simple way of online submission of documents to be translated.

Fill in the form with all the requested data, attach your car documents to be translated and in 30 minutes you will have our offer by email, together with the online card payment method, directly from the invoice.